The Finnish Border Guard | The Smart Borders Pioneer

Twenty-six Schengen member states will introduce the EU’s Entry/Exit System (EES) in 2022 — a landmark initiative set to replace traditional border controls of Third-Country Nationals with fully digital passenger processing and automated biometric data collection. Finland started this process with Vision-Box in 2019, at Helsinki Airport.


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ABC Gates

Facial & Fingerprint
capture Kits



RAJA’s pioneering approach enabled them ample time to develop adoption, apply lessons-learned and ultimately, has positioned them as a role model for EES best-practices.





The EES solution for Helsinki airport has been developed in close-knit cooperation. Defining the processes together has given us all a deep insight and technical abilities to implement a solution compliant with the EES processes and legislation. Equally, the hardware installation teams have made a great effort and deliveries have been completed on time. Our mid-term solution prior to the EES Entry into Operation gives us the opportunity to fully deploy the system in the current border checks and the system platform opens opportunities for future solutions to facilitate the border crossings. With the solution and devices, we are looking forward to future challenges with confidence.

Pasi Nokelainen
System Manager for Border Checks
Ministry of the Interior, Border Guard Headquarters
Technical Division, ICT-Unit



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